A sailor meets a woman with a strong passion for nature and animals, and together they decide to build a small piece of heaven to share with whoever is looking for a little relax in a special place.
This is in a nutshell our story…

Roberto, a sailor from Teulada, has been working traditionally with hospitality at sea. For over 25 years he has been cruising with his sailing ship along the South Sardinian coast in turquoise-colored bays and beaches accessible only by boat.

Renata, Sardinian by adoption, after having worked for 25 years with racehorses, lands in Sardinia where she meets Roberto and a land that soon would become her new home.

It has been many years since that very first day, and Giallo Limone is proof that the encounter at sea would find strong walls fit to host new friends among the perfume of the sea and the citrus fruits.

Welcome at home!