La Casetta dei Limoni – The cottage among the lemons

A small private cottage of Giallo Limone (Yellow Lemons) style.
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La Cassetta dei Limoni (The Cottage among the Lemons) is our little masterpiece: a small detached house with everything you need for truly inspiring holidays.

This ancient structure is located a few meters from the B&B. It had been renovated with a lot of passion (and patience) by Roberto himself and has turned into an unforgettable space to stay.

It is a comfortable and relaxing home, place where you can enjoy unique holidays in privacy, being close to the nature and close to the sea.

The Lemon House consists of:

  • A private verandah with sofa, table and chairs for outdoor breakfasts and dinners 
  • A comfortable bedroom covered by reconstructed ancient majestic juniper roof (this kind of roof is unique in the area)
  • A kitchenette with adjacent charming loggia which can be used to independently prepare your meals
  • An impressive private bathroom
  • Private parking

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History of the house

For many years this old structure, with its stone walls and monumental roof had been a home of a guardian who was taking care of the garden and plants of this fertile land.

Over the time, the estate had been visited less and less and finally the small cottage was abandoned to an inevitable action of time and bad weather.

A few years ago we made a decision to revive these old walls and we strongly wished to give a new life also to its monumental unique juniper roof.

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It took months of hard work and commitment to reconstruct woods and stones of the structure, but at the end Roberto’s patience, who personally took care of the restoration works, was greatly rewarded.

La Casetta dei Limoni (The Cottage among the Lemons) came back to what it used to be in the past: beautiful place of refreshment overlooking fertile and luxuriant land.

Do you want to know more about the cottage? Please contact us and ask for info and availability! >