Teulada and the territory

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Giallo Limone is located in the territory of Teulada in a strategic position. You can easily reach many interesting destinations of South Sardinia such as more than 60km of beaches, bays and reefs.

The territory includes some well-known and equipped archeological sites like Nora and Bithia, as well as the ancient nuraghe. The towers of the 1500 along the coast remind us of the ancient history of this part of southern Sardinia and the little towns host traditional festivities especially during the summer time.

For nature fans and enthusiastic walkers this is the place you would not want to miss. Here you will find a wide choice of paths, such as, the “Carbonai” (charcoal burners) and “Monte Aidu” (Mount Aidu) just a few minutes by car from our B&B. For those who want to drive further away, the new park “Gutturu Mannu” may satisfy what you are looking for.

More details will be given at the B&B.